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10 oz. - Luring

  • This candle is mix of black amber & lavender, black raspberry & vanilla, tobacco caramel, lavender chamomile

    • Black Amber & Lavender: This scent is luxurious and relaxing, ideal for unwinding with an air of sophistication.

    • Black Raspberry & Vanilla: This fragrance is playful yet comforting, perfect for a lively yet cozy ambiance.

    • Tobacco Caramel: This scent is warm, inviting, and complex, suitable for creating a comforting and intriguing atmosphere.

    • Lavender Chamomile: This fragrance is calming and soothing, making it perfect for promoting relaxation and tranquility.


    These fragrance blends offer a variety of sensory experiences, from luxurious relaxation to playful comfort and soothing tranquility.

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