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Dr. LaFonya Jones-Hines

Founder - CEO: Jones-Hines Institute



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A Bit About Me

Dr. LaFonya Jones-Hines is a licensed therapist in practice for more than 15 years, currently located in Texas. Both passion and knowledge, propelled her to expertise toward the apex of degrees including a BA in psychology, dual master's degrees in professional and clinical counseling as well as a PsyD in clinical psychology. 


Dr. Jones demonstrates excellence in the field of addiction. For more than ten 10 years, she has exemplified a keen focus on the unique caveats of success in sobriety. As a Master Addiction Counselor, her ability to help others find honesty and transparency in their lives empowers them to feel free to discuss their hurts and share their tears and laughter, ensuring the healing of families.

Work Experience   Just a few of Dr. Jones' Credentials




  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Texas License No. 68564 (exp. 07.02.2024)

  • MAC Master Addiction Counselor, May 2012 (exp. 05.2024)

  • PsyD in Clinical Psychology, December 2011- American School of Prof Psych of Argosy University Dallas, TX

  • MAPC in Professional Counseling, September 2004-American School of Prof Psych of Argosy University,

  • BA in Psychology, May 2001-North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University Greensboro, N.C

  • Curriculum: Addiction Hurts Everyone: Setting Healthy Boundaries and Living without Codependency-Facilitators Guide

  • Workbook: Addiction Hurts Everyone: Setting Healthy Boundaries and Living without Codependency-Participants Guide

  • The RePsychled Podcast (Co-Host), Euless, TX

  • Balance Beacon (Co-Owner), Euless, TX

  • PRN (Facilitating Groups) - Mesa Springs - Continuing Care Coordinator, Fort Worth, TX

  • Valley Hope - Residential, Family, and Individual Therapist, Grapevine, TX, and AZ.

  • Instructor - Univerisity of Phoenix - Instruct Online Human Motivation Course

  • CATE - Teacher - To a multicultural at-risk population between ages 15-21, Winfree Academy, Richardson TX

  • Intervention Specialist - Winfree Academy, Richardson, TX

  • Qualified Mental Health Provider - Child and Guidance Center, Dallas, TX

  • Family Specialist - Faith and Community Partners, Atlanta, GA

The Journey

My Name Is LaFonya!

"One day, after one of my groups, I was sitting in my office, thinking about the healing that had just taken place. I have to say, I was proud on this day, for some reason. I experienced many successful groups before, but for some reason, this day made me realize I was engaging in some real healing moments. Initially, when I took on this position as the family therapist, there were not many families or loved ones participating in the program.

As I began to engage with them, more of them started participating
because I listened to their stories. Before they participated in the group,
I was able to identify behaviors they developed because of the addict.
Identifying behaviors such as lacking boundaries, trying to control the
addict, and not expressing their needs, wants, and desires encouraged
them to participate in the group. They felt heard and seen, just by
having a phone conversation.

Once the participation in the group started, they learned it was shared experiences and behaviors around the room. This made me realize more group discussions need to occur for loved ones to experience this same healing. Therefore, I decided to write this essential guide to reach more families by helping them to engage in the healing process."

(From the Preface, ADDICTION HURTS EVERYONE - Dr. LaFonya Jones-Hines)

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