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Welcome to Jones-Hines Institute where the first day of your journey to healing begins today.

Feel free to explore at our service offerings and my book.

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A Family's Journey to healing.


"Addiction Hurts Everyone: A Family's Journey to Healing" is a comprehensive 3-volume guide by Dr. LaFonya Jones-Hines that supports families affected by drug

addiction. This powerful work includes the Essential Guide, Participant's Guide, and Meditational, offering a holistic approach to therapy. Dr. Jones-Hines leverages her expertise to educate family members about addiction, promote transparency, and guide them through therapeutic group exercises. The aim is to heal not only the addict but also the family members, helping them to deal with their pain and achieve wholeness.

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ADDICTION HURTS EVERYONE: A Family's Journey to Healing, written by Dr. LaFonya Jones-Hines is a guide written about a subject that is difficult for most people to discuss. Addiction is an illness that primarily focuses on the person using the substance, but it is important for the family members to take part in their own treatment because it effects the entire system. I highly recommend this guide as it focuses on the family member's healing.

-Mia St. John, Five-Time World and International Boxing Champion

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Licensed Therapist | author | public speaker | mental health advocate 

Who is Dr. LaFonya Jones-Hines?

Dr. LaFonya Jones-Hines, a licensed professional therapist, author, and public speaker, is dedicated to healing families of addicts through therapeutic interventions and family support. With 15 years of experience as a Master Addiction Counselor and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology, she helps families restore wholeness by addressing the impact of addiction. Dr. Jones-Hines promotes honesty and transparency, guiding families through emotional healing. She also enjoys expressing her creativity through writing, dancing, and hosting a podcast, and finds joy in candle-making, gardening, and exploring vegan foods. She operates a private practice in Euless, Texas, and values time with her loved ones.


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